Turning 47

Birthday group at the trailhead -- go ahead, pick their noses! Merri Rudd Fred Reiner John Stewart takes a break from partying to read the NM probate code Robert Coontz Meg Adams Jas. Mullany Marj Mullany Riley Mullany Maddie Mullany Lucky Dog me In 2002, for my 47th birthday, I wanted to share some of New Mexico's beauty with my friends. So, we went camping and hiking together, which sounds much simpler than it really was, particularly since public lands all over New Mexico were being closed due to fire dangers -- including the campground I had decided on. So, as we would throughout the weekend, we changed plans and picked a spot none of us had ever seen (this was so ironic, considering that Merri and I made numerous reconnaissance trips to other areas).

Here are 10 of the twelve of us who made the camping trip. You can point to each face for info or use the following links:

Not in that picture but present on the camping trip were:

You have this many friends?!

Yes. I feel very lucky.

Are these all the friends you have?

No, though they would suffice. I don't want to get greedy and count up all my friends. There are also many people I feel friendly towards even if they don't appear on these pages (you, for example).


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