Mar 092016

I’ve been aware for quite a while that my hard drive frequently showed 100% activity. Indeed, it rarely dropped below 100% for more than a few seconds. Does this matter? Well, it seemed this had to be connected with frequent hangups in which input would freeze frequently, which caused havoc when I was typing.

I investigated the situation primarily using Task Manager’s tabs. At first, I thought it was a problem with OneDrive, which seemed logical because it syncs with the Cloud periodically. In fact, if I killed OneDrive, the C drive would drop below 100%, but only for a while; it still hit 100% when nothing much seemed to be happening.

Could it be MS built-in antivirus software being over-vigilant in scanning for trouble. I killed the process and saw only temporary relief.

Next, I suspected Search Indexer, which examines files and builds an index. Here, too, if I killed the operation, performance seemed to improve, but only briefly.

I also consider that I might have insufficient RAM, though 4GB seems like a lot to an oldtymer like me. I remember when 1MB was a big deal. So, I bought RAM and jumped from 4GB to 12GB. It does appear that MS doesn’t fully commit available RAM. By that, I mean I used to see up to 3GB of RAM used when the max available was 4GB, but when RAM increased to 12GB, I was using 5GB or more for the same general operations. So, RAM helped. However, it did not eliminate the problem.

Digging deeper, I looked at event logs to find more technical documentation of the situation. That led me to a couple of event names which in turn led to the linked blog entry that seems to have fixed my problem. (In short, a power option was causing my system to rev the hard drive.)

Event ID 129 – storachi – Reset to device, DeviceRaidPort0, was issued. | Kevin Holman’s System Center Blog

Thanks, Kevin!

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